We operate in various design sectors. Consulting, design, construction management and testing in the civil and industrial fields of electrical and thermo-mechanical systems, fire prevention, safety and energy efficiency; for private clients and Public Administrations.

The knowledge of the chemical processes related to the “Oil & Gas” plants applied in the o-shore design, allowed to take advantage of the experiences gained over the years, at sea too, in the development of projects aimed at the On Shore sector. More precisely for the design of sludge treatment systems and the design of gas treatment systems; We also design the relative transport and processing facilities, such as slug catcher, manifolds, pipelines and so on is part of the petrochemical rening and storage facilities.

The experience gained through the provision of services engineering to companies operating in the sector, has allowed the training of the exclusive know-how also for how much concerns the drilling eld. They are developed feasibility studies, structural calculations and whole design systems, including all typical auxiliary mobile devices of the activity in question. In collaboration with the customer technicians departments, the various activities of the suppliers responsible for the construction of the various equipment are coordinated on all National territory. When requested, through appropriate software, three-dimensional animation projects are developed, on the occasion of great works commissioned by the various societies of monopoly companies, especially in the BRICS countries. .

Despite the crisis in the sector throughout the country, the company background also allows today, to be able to continuously provide a whole series of engineering activities that are qualitatively compliant with the industry standard, having great experience in the application of the plant engineering methodology in general, due to the presence of the historical and most important international realities of the chemical pole, located at the immediate operational area of the company.

The general orientation in the design of modern systems, its turns out to the constitution of assemblages of parts of a process well dened and pre-installed on transportable structures called skid or package, depending on the dierent choices and technical necessity of process. The practicality of prefabrication and installation on site, makes innumerable advantages, among which a more economical, functional and greater speed of realization. For these reasons, Tecnoteam is specialized in this activity, being able to boast innumerable technical experiences and seniority of design practice from all the sta as well as numerous and important curricular references, which makes it one of the most important companies specialty in the sector.

In the energy eld, especially in the past, there has been the possibility of developing know-how in the Hydroelectric eld, both for installations located on national soil, and internationally. In the last few years, however, many skills have been developed in the eld of cogeneration and trigeneration, through the continuous engineering service to exclusive companies specialized in the supply of this type of plant. The continuation of the crisis in the “Oil & Gas” sector has led to a series of internal company dynamics and policies aimed at the specialization of specic processes, preserving, however, the possibility of taking care of the typology of the system up to the detail.

The approach to this sector has been realized in the last years in tourism, on cruise ships, above all through feasibility studies for general plant activities, anticipated and planned from the early stages, through inspections on board of our technicians, who use cutting-edge instrumentation (laser scan) for interventions which, as in this case, require speed and precision, and for which reference should be made to the relevant section summarizing the various specializations and technological-operational characteristics.

In the hospital sector we have gained a consolidated experience in plant design, re prevention, in the Works Management and in technical assistance to installers. Thanks to the experience gained, specic skills have been developed in the periodic checks of the installations in the premises for medical use and/or for the electromedical equipment.

Also in the Food sector and in the Pharmaceutical sector has gained experience in the design of new plants with the use of modern technologies, and in the design assessment of existing plants that require restructuring and specic interventions to obtain certication based on current regulations or of future application. Such systems are always and in any case designed under the supervision and specications of the customer.


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