Team Engineering has been actively working since 2014, on the basis of decennary previous experiences of the group of technicians that constitutes it.

Its activity is primarily aimed at consulting, design, construction supervision and civil armed testing and industrial electrical and thermo-mechanical plant engineering, of re prevention, safety and eciency energy; oriented to both private and public administrations Clients.


The team is made up of experienced and qualied engineers, technicians and Project Managers able to oer professionally and technologically optimal solutions to satisfy any need and need of its customers in ways integrated and personalized.

The mission is to provide a multidisciplinary service, with integration and the coordination of dierent skills for the whole iter of the procedure, from the very rst initial stages of the feasibility study, design, implementation. The goal is to give a targeted and efficient response, in the plant engineering and shipbuilding fields, to an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving current market.

By its nature, TEAM Engineering is intended as an open entity. For this reason, it frequently collaborates with other professionals or technical partners, both by coordinating their activities in the design field, and by providing specific services, in particular for the Project Managment and Problem Solving of complex projects and achievements.

Team Engineering Srl is part of the Oil & Gas Alliance Group, consortium for integrated offshore supplies. PROJECT CARRIED OUT THANKS TO THE EUROPEAN FUNDS OF THE EMILIA ROMAGNA REGION


The services offered by TEAM Engineering S.r.l. can satisfy all technical and operational needs in the plant engineering and shipbuilding sector in general:

  • design, construction management and testing of civil and industrial works, technological systems, consultancy for fire prevention, safety, assistance and training courses related to the aforementioned materials;
  • site management and project management activities;
  • refurbishments in the energy saving and energy management sector;
  • acquisition of maintenance and / or construction contracts for civil and industrial plants, to be managed through the use of third-party companies and / or suppliers.
  • Oil & Gas On-shore / Off-shore
  • Drilling rigs
  • Chemical plants
  • Skid & package
  • Energy
  • Naval
  • Hospital
  • Foodstuffs & Pharmaceutical


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